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You have a big desire to execute your vision and want to be in action. You are willing to do the work, inside and out. You want someone to help you level up. There is a hunger inside for something more, more exciting, profound, vibrant, and full.

True opportunity for success and fulfillment is waiting. That opportunity lives outside our comfort zone, outside of what we know is safe. Opportunity is embedded in uncertainty and fear. Fear is your North Star, fear is your opportunity, fear is your growth. Lead with love and create what you most desire.


“I’m not certain on where to begin to write a testimonial that would do proper justice in recommending Tim’s professional coaching services.  Essentially, Tim has a way of teasing out all of the nuanced insights about life, work, purpose and the interconnected balance between them; that may have otherwise gone overlooked.  His approach allows you to cultivate the life that you consciously (or perhaps, subconsciously) dream of.  I was quite content in my quality of life before we began our sessions, but the intentions Tim assisted me in bringing to fruition have had a profound impact on helping me reach new heights both professionally and personally.”

Benjamin McLaughlinPresident & Lead Designer, Benjamin McLaughlin Art
‘Ridiculously good at what he does’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Tim. I began working with Tim 6 months ago after 2 years of being coached by an industry-specific coaching organization. Since starting to work together, I have been particularly impressed by Tim’s ability to approach every challenge with fresh perspective, as well as shining light on my blindspots. I would classify myself as a high-performing, all or nothing entrepreneur type. What I appreciate most about Tim is that he is direct and firm, as well as kind and enrolling at the same time – exactly what I need. He is fully committed to me and my goals in every call, and his approach allows me to clearly see a new path forward with every obstacle. During our time together, I have doubled my gross revenue for the year and flown past my targets. I firmly believe that this success would not had been possible without Tim keeping my head in the game. Oh, and his contagious smile will make even your busiest days instantly calmer! Any entrepreneur or professional looking to take their career to the next level would be lucky to have Tim by their side. For his work, Tim and Rise Coaches earn my highest recommendation.
Ben KayAward Winning Realtor®

“Tim has been a huge help in multiple capacities along the way. If you’re keen to get different results out of your business and life, I recommend starting with some seriously different actions and the right circle to keep you accountable

Since our time together, I’ve over doubled my revenue stream. We’ve created solid structures, I’m laser focused on what need to do to grow.  He holds me accountable to my vision and what I want. I’m more efficient and proactive in all areas of life and business.”

Brent WintertonFounder & Lead Strategist, Guild Media Group

“Tim is a man of passion and insatiable curiosity, a phenomenal coach. He helped me see and understand the distractions I was consuming to keep myself busy while growing my businesses. He has a way of asking questions that stimulates truth. Truth that gave me clarity on my path forward, where I want to be, and where to take action. His coaching allowed me to achieve more in less time. He’s been an immense help in both my business and my life. Tim is committed to service and is wise beyond his years. I highly recommend working with him.”

Jeremy MeyerEntrepreneur, Speaker & Transformative Coach

You want to have the focus and control so you can reach and exceed your goals with confidence

You want to be in action rather than spending all your time thinking about what to do rather than doing it.

You are committed to getting unstuck and finding a way to realize the real results that you desire.

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